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1.What is the difference between Support Somboon Legacy Foundation and Somboon Legacy Foundation?

Support Somboon Legacy Foundation is Dutch foundation founded with the intention to help and raise funds for Somboon Legacy Foundation.

Somboon Legacy Foundation is a Thai foundation and an elephant sanctuary.

What is a hands off sanctuary?
The elephants are touched only by their mahouts (elephant caretakers). Visitors have to keep a 20 meter distance and are not allowed to wash, feed or touch the elephants.
Is Support Somboon Legacy Foundation run by volunteers?
Yes, you can read more about the board members here
Does 100% of the donations truly go to Somboon Legacy Foundation?
Yes, we are a volunteer run foundation, so all the donations go to the elephants.
Do you need volunteers?
Somboon Legacy Foundation in Thailand is looking for 1 month volunteers. If you are interested please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.