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60 Years old
2,450 kilograms weight
Malee’s name translates to Jasmin.
She was logging in Thailand when a log hit her and she fractured her left rear leg.
Her owner found her in Kanchanaburi province.
Malee has had babies in the past.
Malee is tall and slender, because her legs still hurts sometimes, she can’t gain too much weight. She is gentle and relies on Kammoon for support.


60 Years old
3,500 kilograms weight
Kammoon is a name for people in Isaan (north-eastern) language.
She came from Isaan and was rented out by her owner, mainly to be a begging elephant.
Kammoon is the shorter but fatter elephant of the two, and you will always spot her eating. She is a brave and independent female, and is a great support for Malee.
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