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Board Members of Support Somboon Legacy

Bestuurslid Roel Jullens Support Somboon Legacy

Roel Jullens

Board Member Support Somboon Legacy
Bestuurslid Diana Harinck Support Somboon Legacy

Diana Harinck

Board Member Support Somboon Legacy
Bestuurslid Anja Vossen Support Somboon Legacy

Anja Vossen

Board Member Support Somboon Legacy
Bestuurslid Jeanne Praamsma Support Somboon Legacy

Jeanne Praamsma

Board Member Support Somboon Legacy

Who is Support Somboon Legacy Foundation?

  • Support Somboon legacy Foundation is a registered foundation under Dutch law since 2010 (Chamber of commerce register number 01182015)
  • We are an approved foundation by the Dutch Tax Authorities since 2012 as a Public Benefit Organization
  • Our board members regularly visit Somboon Legacy Foundation in Thailand on their own expense
  • Our board members work voluntarily and do not receive any compensation for their work
  • We have been raising money and supporting elephants since 2010
Meerkoetstraat 59
3334 SV Zwijndrecht
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Telefoonnummer: +31 631046642 Bankaccount:
IBAN: NL58 ABNA 043 70 92 283
RSIN nummer: 822391764 Bedrijfsregistratienummer (KVK): 01182015
Somboon Legacy Foundation
Somboon Legacy Foundation
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