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About us

We are a Dutch foundation established in January 2010 by Jan and Agnes Verheek. The goal of our foundation is to raise funds in order to support the ethical care of Asian elephants. We have been doing this successfully through various projects and with help of many volunteers.

Over the years it became clear to us that a so called "sanctuary" is not always a good place for animals. In the last couple of years it is usually a misused name for places where elephants are used for tourist entertainment. As a foundation we cannot support such places. Therefore together with Agnes and other elephants lovers the idea was born to start a new hands off elephant friendly project in a natural environment that supports not only elephants but also the local community.

We are proud to say that this project, Somboon Legacy Foundation, was launched in march 2019 and is located in a beautiful green environment in the province of Kanchanaburi. It is a unique non-profit project which is run by Dutch elephant lovers with lots of experience in this field. They care for the old elephants. What could be better animals like they are suppose to be in a natural tropical environment where they can simply be themselves. Without the stress of a scedule the elephants can express their natural behaviour and do what they like.

As this project follows the principals of our foundation we now fully support Somboon Legacy Foundation in Thailand. As a result we decided to change the name of our foundation to Support Somboon Legacy.

Hands Off the Elephants - Support Somboon Legacy Foundation
Over ons Support Somboon Legacy Foundation
Over ons Support Somboon Legacy Foundation
Over ons Support Somboon Legacy Foundation